Greensmith is angry at the lack of Marshal support after the WRC Safari Roll


The M-Sport driver rolled Puma sideways on Saturday morning at Stage 8 after being caught in a sluggish right-handed rut.

Greensmith and co-driver Jonas Anderson witnessed the incident and had been trapped within the automobile for 3 minutes with Marshal Security.

Because of this, Greensmith kicked the windshield and compelled himself and Anderson to crawl out of the automobile.

Greensmith was eager to launch the automobile instantly after seeing Oliver Solbergs Hyundai ignite instantly from the new exhaust after a crash on the Croatian rally in April.

Since then, movies have appeared on social media, exhibiting that Greensmith is clearly offending officers on the crash web site.

Speaking to on the service park, the Britons calmed down, however had been nonetheless confused as to why Marshall selected to not assist, because the automobile was displaying the inexperienced lights of the hybrid system.

Greensmith stated he was driving to finish the rally.

We entered an extended proper to tighten to a medium proper, which had some ruts on it.

I used to be listening to the memo as I did final 12 months, but it surely floated up from behind and I couldn’t roll and rolled.

We acquired caught within the automobile for 3 minutes as a result of Marshall didn’t assist.

I noticed Oliver’s automobile ignited and needed to kick the windshield to get out of the automobile [in similar circumstances in Croatia]So I wished to get out of this automobile early.

If the automobile was inexperienced, that’s no motive the Marshal shouldn’t have helped.

Gus Greensmith, Jonas Andeson, M-Sport Ford World Rally Group Ford Puma Rally 1

Picture: M-Sport

Greensmith managed to maintain going after the automobile was upright, however the automobile’s lack of windshield compelled him to put on goggles and drive.

Driving truthfully with goggles wasn’t too dangerous, Greensmith added.

I don’t actually wish to say it, but it surely was lots of enjoyable. I’ve by no means achieved it earlier than, however when it’s about 100mph, it’s exhausting to breathe.

I used to be driving pretty slowly to make sure that the automobile was carried to the tip of the stage.

Greensmith reached the tip of Stage 8 however escaped from the rally as a result of injury brought on by Puma’s cooling. The rally began brightly and misplaced 13 minutes in a stage 4 punk.

The rally began very properly, but it surely has been a horrible rally for me ever since, he stated.

I don’t wish to touch upon anything that occurred. I didn’t imply to make a mistake as we speak, and positively not how one can drive, but it surely ended up like this. I wish to go there tomorrow, however let’s have a look.




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