Pokémon Go: Xerneas Raid Guide

Xerneas is making its Pokémon Go debut in Legendary Raids through the Luminous Legends X occasion from Might 4-18. You may positively need to attempt to defeat and catch one to make use of to combat Yveltal, the Legendary Darkish and Flying kind Pokémon which will probably be hitting raids proper after the occasion ends. We have every thing you have to know to assemble a successful workforce, although you may additionally need to try among the finest Pokémon Go equipment to get an edge.

Who’s Xerneas in Pokémon Go?

Pokemon 716 Xerneas

Supply: The Pokémon Firm

The Legendary Technology VI Fairy kind Pokémon Xerneas was the mascot of Pokémon X. It’s one in all three Legendary Pokémon from the Kalos area, discovered within the Workforce Flare Secret HQ. The Life Pokémon reworked itself right into a tree and slept for a millenium earlier than awakening to share its reward by utilizing its horns, which glow in seven colours. It’s tied to the Destruction Pokémon Yveltal, which steals life power from every thing round it.

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What are the very best counters for Xerneas in Pokémon Go?

As a Fairy kind Pokémon, Xerneas is weak to Poison and Metal kind strikes. It’s resistant to Dragon assaults and immune to Combating, Bug, and Darkish strikes. It may use Regular, Psychic, Fairy, Electrical, Combating, and Bug assaults. Though there are three nice choices for Poison kind Mega Pokémon proper now, given the in any other case lack of robust Poison counters, your finest wager right here is to deal with Metal, particularly Metagross and Shadow Metagross, particularly for those who can’t coordinate along with your fellow Trainers.

Mega Gengar

Pokemon 094 Gengar Mega

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Mega Gengar is the very best non-Shadow counter and doubtless the very best Pokémon to make use of within the raid. The Gen I Ghost and Poison Pokémon made its Mega Evolution debut earlier than Halloween 2020 so hopefully you bought all of the Mega Vitality you want then. Lick and Sludge Bomb is the very best moveset, although as long as you are capitalizing on the Poison vulnerability with Sludge Bomb, the quick assault does not actually matter.


Pokemon 376 Metagross

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Capitalize on Xerneas’ vulverability to Metal with the Iron Leg Pokémon Metagross. As a Metal and Psychic kind, Metagross takes half injury from most of Xerneas’ assaults, so it ought to survive a very long time. Metagross is the ultimate evolution of Beldum, which was a part of a March 14 Metal and Psychic Insense Day, so for those who performed then you need to be capable to evolve and energy one up. Bullet Punch and Meteor Mash is the very best transfer set, although Meteor Mash would require an Elite TM.

Mega Beedrill

Pokemon 015 Beedrill Mega

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Whereas the ultimate evolution of Weedle is not significantly highly effective by itself, Mega Beedrill is a stable selection because the Bug and Poison kind Pokémon is immune to Fairy, Combating, and Psychic assaults and might capitalize on Xerneas’ Poison vulnerability. Its base kind is tremendous widespread within the wild, so you need to have loads of Sweet to energy it up. Poison Jab and Sludge Bomb is the perfect transfer set.


Pokemon 649 Genesect

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Extinct for 300 million years, Genesect was revived by Workforce Plasma scientists who additionally geared up it with a cannon and different techonology. If you happen to have been capable of catch the Legendary fossil Pokémon when it appeared in Legendary Raids in January, the Bug and Metal kind Pokémon will make a powerful match for Xerneas with its Metal kind assaults Steel Claw and Magnet Bomb.


Pokemon 530 Excadrill

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The evolution of the Unova Pokémon Drilbur is Floor and Metal kind so it takes lowered injury from nearly all of Xerneas’ assaults and might capitalize on its Metal weak spot. You may need Steel Claw and Iron Head as the remainder of Excadrill’s assaults are both Earth or Rock kind, which will not work almost as nicely.


Pokemon 407 Roserade

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Roselia was the featured Pokémon for the February Pokémon Go Neighborhood Day, so for those who have been capable of catch a robust one and collect loads of sweet to evolve it, Roserade is a stable option to face Xerneas. The Grass and Poison kind Pokémon takes additional injury from Xerneas’ Psychic assaults however is immune to its Combating, Electrical, and Fairy strikes. Poison Jab and Sludge Bomb are the perfect strikes due to Xerneas’ Poison vulnerability.


Pokemon 094 Gengar

Supply: The Pokémon Firm

Even when you do not have Mega Vitality, common Gengar ought to do the trick. Since Ghost kind Pokémon are widespread throughout October, you need to hopefully have every one the Sweet wanted to energy it up. The Poison and Ghost kind Pokémon is weak to Xerneas’ Psychic assaults however takes lowered injury from its Bug, Fairy, Regular, and Combating strikes. Similar to with Mega Gengar you will need Lick and Sludge Bomb, however the charged assault is the extra necessary one.


Pokemon 385 Jirachi

Supply: The Pokémon Firm

The Want Pokémon Jirachi, initially launched in Gen III, was the reward from the Area Analysis the Thousand-12 months Slumber Area. As a mythic Pokémon it is powerful to get sufficient Sweet to energy it up correctly, however for those who do you will have a Pokémon that is immune to most of Xerneas’ assaults. The Metal Cost Assault Doom Want is a very powerful transfer you may have.

Mega Venusaur

Pokemon 003 Venusaur Mega

Supply: The Pokémon Firm

The Gen I Pokémon Grass and Poison Pokémon Venusaur has been a formidable fighter since Pokémon Go launched and bought much more precious after the addition of Mega Evolutions. Mega Venusaur hasn’t been out there in raids since October 2020, so hopefully you have been capable of gather sufficient Venusaur Mega Vitality then or from Area Duties and Timed Analysis. Vine Whip and Sludge Bomb is the perfect transfer set, however Sludge Bomb is actually all that is necessary.

Mega Charizard Y

Pokemon 006 Mega Charizard Y

Supply: The Pokémon Firm

One other Mega Developed starter, Mega Charizard Y bought much more accessible for those who’ve been making use of the referral program since you can each catch a Charizard and gather Mega Charizard Vitality from defeating Workforce GO Rocket. The Hearth and Flying kind Pokémon is immune to most of Xerneas’ assaults, although it is weak to its Electrical strikes. Hearth Spin and Blast Burn are its highest injury strikes on this combat and usually, although Blast Burn requires an Elite TM.


Though most gamers will be capable to make a workforce of the very best counters, for those who’re discovering a niche in your workforce, there are many again ups who work nicely in bigger teams. Simply ensure you’re dodging and any of the next could possibly be an honest again up:

  • Mega Pidgeot with Metal Wing and Courageous Chicken
  • Regigigas with Hidden Energy and Giga Influence
  • Mewtwo with Confusion and Psystrike
  • Scizor with Bullet Punch and Iron Head
  • Heatran with Hearth Spin and Iron Head
  • Ho-Oh with Metal Wing and Courageous Chicken

Shadow Pokémon?

The rebalance of Shadow Pokémon rescued from Workforce GO Rocket make them glorious glass cannons. Not solely are their stats boosted, however throughout particular occasions or with Elite TMs, it is potential to vary their strikes. If you happen to occur to have any of the next Pokémon with the fitting moveset, they are going to work very nicely on this Raid:

  • Shadow Metagross with Bullet Punch and Meteor Mash
  • Shadow Scizor with Bullet Punch and Iron Head
  • Shadow Mewtwo with Confusion and Psystrike
  • Shadow Victreebel with Acid and Sludge Bomb
  • Shadow Vileplume with Acid and Sludge Bomb
  • Shadow Muk with Poison Jab and Gunk Shot
  • Shadow Skuntank with Poison Jab and Sludge Bomb
  • Shadow Aggron with Iron Tail and Heavy Slam
  • Shadow Venusaur with Vine Whip and Sludge Bomb
  • Shadow Dragonite with Metal Wing and Hurricane
  • Shadow Entei with Hearth Fang and Iron Head
  • Shadow Aerodactyl with Metal Wing and Iron Head

Observe: Shadow Metagross outperforms each different Pokémon in the very best counters listing. Shadow Scizor and Shadow Mewtwo additionally carry out on par with the opposite finest counters.

What number of gamers does it take to beat Xerneas in Pokémon Go?

You must be capable to beat Xerneas with three trainers utilizing robust counters. Since most of the finest choices for this combat are Mega Evolutions, you need to attempt to coordinate with the opposite gamers on utilizing your Mega Vitality on the proper time.

Climate situations that may affect this Raid embrace:

  • Cloudy climate will enhance Xerneas’ Fairy and Combating assaults in addition to your Poison kind counters.
  • Partially Cloudy climate will enhance Xerneas’ Regular kind assaults.
  • Windy climate will enhance Xerneas’ Psychic kind assaults.
  • Wet climate will enhance Xerneas’ Bug kind assaults.
  • Snow will enhance your Metal counters.

Questions on taking up Xerneas in Pokémon Go?

Do you will have any questions on taking up the Legendary Fairy kind Pokémon Xerneas? Received any ideas to your fellow Trainers? Drop them within the feedback beneath, and you should definitely try our Full Pokédex, in addition to our many Pokémon Go Guides so you can also turn out to be a Pokémon Grasp!